School of Cinematic Arts Family Program

Mission Statement

In support of the University of Southern California Parents Program, the School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) Family Program provides communication between SCA and parents of our students in order to support student success, generate goodwill for SCA, and promote an appropriate role for parents and families within the SCA community. This program is run through the SCA Office of Student Services and overseen by Dean of Students, Brian Harke.

Desired Outcomes for Family Involvement

The SCA Family Program, in collaboration with offices and departments throughout SCA, works with parents to help them understand the student experience, support student learning, and empower students to take personal responsibility for their social and academic choices.

Parents and families contribute to student success by:

  • Understanding the student experience and knowing about resources available at the School of Cinematic Arts and USC at large.
  • Supporting the School's goals for student learning and development outcomes:
    • Academic excellence
    • Ability to identify, define, and solve problems independently
    • Goal-setting and responsible decision-making related to academics, career planning, social interactions, and community engagement
    • Further develop integrity, ethical behavior, diversity, and civility
    • Empower student to examine personal values and respect the values and beliefs of others
    • Support students as they encounter uncertainty and challenging situations
    • Accept responsibility for personal errors; urge student to learn from these experiences in order to avoid them in the future
  • Understanding when to step in and when to empower their student to take responsibility:
    • Understand the impact parents have as a mentor for their student
    • Know and understand limitations to accessing student records as indicated by federal requirements outlined in FERPA
    • Help your student become his or her own advocate by allowing him or her to make decisions
    • Be attuned to signs that your student is under significant stress; discuss concerns openly with student and assist student in developing a plan to address the problem(s)
    • If student's physical or mental health is endangered, contact appropriate campus or community authorities


The SCA Family Program provides several communication methods:

SCA Family Program E-newsletter, Communiqué, is emailed to parents once a month and contains information on recent SCA happenings, various opportunities for students, as well as upcoming Family Program events. The SCA Office of Student Services also maintains a Facebook page especially for SCA Parents, which provides an opportunity to share experiences with and ask questions directly of other SCA Parents throughout the year.

To register for the SCA Family Program and receive our monthly newsletter as well as access to the SCA Parents Facebook Page, please visit:

Please Note: The e-newsletter is sent to the email address that you provided to the Office of Student Services. Depending on your host server and email settings, the newsletter may not reach your email inbox or may be viewed as SPAM and deposited in your trash or SPAM filter. Please be sure that emails from are not blocked by your spam filters.

University Parent Website will also provide insight and information about the USC Parents Program.

Question/Answer Service is provided by our Director of Student Affairs. E-mail your questions or concerns to Marcus Anderson at or call 213-740-8358.

Parent Events include the New Parent Orientation and Dean's Reception, held while students are moving into the residence halls before the fall semester, and our USC Family Weekend event in the Fall.