The M.F.A. in Interactive Media is a three-year intensive program that requires 50 units of which 36 are requirements and 14 are electives. Of these electives, a minimum of six units must be taken in the School of Cinematic Arts. Students are required to complete an advanced interactive project which they design and produce in CTIN 594ab Master's Thesis.

Required Courses

Year One, First Semester
Course Number Course Name Units
CTCS 505 Survey of Interactive Media 2
CTIN 511 Interactive Media Seminar 1
CTIN 534 Experiments in Interactivity I 4
CTIN 541 Design for Interactive Media 2

Year One, Second Semester
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 511 Interactive Media Seminar 1
CTIN 544 Experiments in Interactivity II 2
CTWR 518 Introduction to Interactive Writing 2

Year Two, First Semester
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 511 Interactive Media Seminar 1
CTIN 532 Interactive Experience and World Design 4
CTPR 506 Visual Expression 2
Electives   4

Year Two, Second Semester
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 511 Interactive Media Seminar 1
CTIN 542 Interactive Design and Production 4
CTIN 548 Preparing the Interactive Project 2
CTIN 558 Business of Interactive Media 2
Electives   2-4

Year Three, First Semester
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 594a Master's Thesis 2
Electives   2

Year Three, Second Semester
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 594b Master's Thesis 2
Electives   2

Additional Requirement
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 495* Internship in Interactive Media 2
* Students must complete at least one internship for two units to complete the M.F.A. in Interactive Media. Students are encouraged to complete their internship requirement in the summer before their final year of study.

Electives **
At least six units from the following:
Course Number Course Name Units
CMPP 591 Producing Practicum 2
CTAN 443L* 3D Animation and Character Design 2, max 4
CTAN 451 History of Animation 2
CTAN 452* Introduction to 3D Computer Animation 2, max 4
CTAN 462 Visual Effects 2
CTAN 501 Experiments in 2D Digital Animation 2
CTAN 502ab Experiments in Stereoscopic Imaging 2-2
CTAN 576 Seminar in Film/Television and New Technologies 4
CTAN 577a Fundamentals of Animation 2
CTCS 409 Censorship in Cinema 4
CTCS 478* Culture, Technology and Communications 4
CTCS 502 History of the Global Cinema After World War II 2
CTCS 504 Survey of Television History 2
CTCS 564* Seminar in Film and Television Genres 4
CTIN 400 Fundamentals of Procedural Media 2
CTIN 401L* Interface Design for Games 2
CTIN 403L* Advanced Visual Design for Games 2
CTIN 404L* Usability Testing for Games 2
CTIN 405* Design and Technology for Mobile Experiences 2
CTIN 406L* Sound Design for Games 2
CTIN 458* Business and Management of Games 2
CTIN 459L* Game Industry Workshop 4
CTIN 462* Critical Theory and Analysis of Games 4
CTIN 463* Anatomy of a Game 4
CTIN 464* Game Studies Seminar 4
CTIN 482* Designing Online Multiplayer Game Environments 2
CTIN 483* Programming for Interactivity 4
CTIN 484L* Intermediate Game Development 2
CTIN 485L* Advanced Game Development 2
CTIN 486 Immersive Design Workshop 2
CTIN 488* Game Design Workshop 4
CTIN 489* Intermediate Game Design Workshop 2
CTIN 491L* Advanced Game Project I 4, max 8
CTIN 492L* Experimental Game Topics 4
CTIN 493L Advanced Game Project II 2, max 4
CTIN 499* Special Topics 2-4
CTIN 501 Interactive Cinema 2
CTIN 520 Experience and Design of Public Interactives 2
CTIN 584abcz Individual Interactive Workshop 4-2-2-0
CTIN 585 Graduate Interactive Group Project 4
CTIN 590 Directed Research 1-12
CTPR 455 Introduction to Production Design 2
CTPR 472 Non-Theatrical Aspects of Film and TV Producing 2
CTPR 530 Producing for Independent Films 2
CTPR 566 Developing and Selling Your Film and TV Projects 2
CTWR 410L* Character Development and Storytelling for Games 4
CTWR 513 Writing the Short Script 2
CTWR 520 Advanced Scene Writing Workshop 2
CTWR 528 Screenwriting Fundamentals 2
CTWR 529 Intermediate Screenwriting 2

No more than 3 units from the following:
Course Number Course Name Units
CSCI 480 Computer Graphics 3
CTPR 455 File and Database Management 3

*Courses suggested as part of the Interactive Entertainment track
**Courses not listed may satisfy this requirement with approval of the program chair.

Thesis Project

In order to begin work on the thesis/advanced project, students must first successfully propose their project to a committee of M.F.A. interactive media program faculty. The proposal is prepared during the second year of study in CTIN 548 Preparing the Interactive Project and is submitted at the end of the second year. Throughout the three years of study, students will meet regularly with an M.F.A. interactive media program advisor to develop and refine the proposal and discuss the progress of their work. The advisor will be a member of the thesis committee.

The proposal itself will include a written treatment of the project with a discussion of similar work in the field and its relationship to the proposed project. It will describe aesthetic issues to be explored and specific techniques to be employed in its realization. It will also include a project visualization, budget and schedule, in addition to supporting materials created by the student demonstrating his or her ability to pursue the project. The faculty committee will make comments and decide whether the student may go forward with his or her project. Upon acceptance, the student will begin work on the project, otherwise revising the proposal and meeting again with the committee.

In the third and final year, students concentrate on their thesis projects in CTIN 594ab Master's Thesis, completing production and post-production. A final review will take place in the second semester of the third year. The committee will meet and the student must show and defend the work.

Criteria for successful completion include: 50 percent originality and 50 percent quality of execution.

Grade Point Average Requirement

An overall GPA of at least 3.0 (A = 4.0) must be maintained in all USC course work toward the master's degree.

A minimum grade of C (2.0) must be earned in all required courses. Students who do not achieve a grade of C (2.0) in the core courses CTIN 532, CTIN 534, CTIN 542 and CTIN 544 after repeating these requirements will be disqualified from the program. The core courses as well as CTIN 594ab cannot be waived or substituted with transfer credits under any circumstances.

Time Limit

Students must maintain satisfactory progress toward their master's degrees at all times. The degree must be completed three years from the first course at USC applied toward the Master of Fine Arts degree. Course work more than seven years old is invalidated and will not be applied toward the degree.

Graduate Review

One year prior to graduation, students are required to file M.F.A. forms for a curriculum and graduation review. Contact the Interactive Media Program Division for forms.