Deena Khattab

Womynography is a VR simulation that maps women's history and experience onto Middle Eastern city landscapes. The project immerses users in a map-based archive of urban women's realities in three Middle Eastern cities undergoing political change, particularly in regard to women's rights, in today's post-revolution period. As they endure and fight against street harassment and violence, women actively strive for equal presence in public spaces and civic life. Womynography invites viewers to experience the streets of Cairo, Istanbul and Beirut as a woman and witness the social problems women confront in these city streets.

Womynography integrates a history of street activism with the empathetic capacity of digital immersion, creating an experience that is educational, eye-opening and challenging. The ultimate goal is to use new virtual reality technology to engage and expose western audiences to the Middle Eastern fight for gender equality, a social issue that is not portrayed in mainstream news outlets.

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