IMD Forum: Michael John

November 2, 2011, 6-8pm

RZC 122

Michael John is a Senior Creative Director “at large” at Electronic Arts.  In this role, “MJ” contributes to individual game projects, as well as taking on strategic initiatives. He also directs EA’s internal design education programs.  Currently MJ is involved in an effort to increase the use of telemetry and metrics in EA’s design processes.

Prior to EA, MJ was a lead designer on a variety of games, including the original Spyro the Dragon series and Daxter.  He founded a development studio, and worked as a freelance designer and consultant for a number of years.  MJ has been a featured speaker at GDC, DICE, and the IGDA leadership forum.

Optional Reading List:

- “The Importance of Play,” a short essay by Dani Bunten Berry (google will get you there)
- The “Yerkes-Dodson Principle” (again, google or Wikipedia)
- Csikszentmihalyi, Flow, chapter 4, section 1 (every designer should own this book anyway)
- Jon Blow, lecture at Rice University
Contact Information

Name: USC Interactive Media Division
Phone: 213.821.4472