IMD Forum: Matt Hooper

October 26, 2011, 6-8pm

RZC 122

Matt Hooper is a game designer who has been creating games professionally since 1996. Currently, as id Software’s Design Director on the multi-platform action title RAGE, he’s tasked with providing direction for the design team as well as idtech5 goals. In addition to design responsibilities he’s served as executive producer on some of id Software’s outside projects. Prior to joining id Software, he was co-owner of Third Law Interactive where he served as designer and producer. Hooper started his career working as a contract designer for the Quake Mission Pack #1 with Ritual Entertainment. During his ten-year career he’s worked on over 10 titles, most recently as designer on the award winning Doom3 and as executive producer on the Doom3 expansion Resurrection of Evil.

Contact Information

Name: USC Interactive Media Division
Phone: 213.821.4472