IMD Forum: Chris Charla

October 12, 2011, 6-8pm

RZC 122

Chris Charla is Portfolio Director for XBLA at Microsoft Studios. In that role he helps shape Microsoft’s first party digital games portfolio, working with external and internal teams to maximize awesomeness for players and developers alike. Prior to joining Microsoft he was VP of Business Development at Foundation 9 Entertainment, having earned a battlefield promotion to Suit after many years in the trenches as a designer and producer, working on creating original IP and doing fun things with licensed IP.  Back in the day, he was editor in chief of Next Generation magazine and the launch editor of

His seminar presentation will talk about going to a small or a large developer (or publisher) post-graduation and some of the things that may help inform that decision for students, as well as some practical things to consider when creating games for the new interactive distribution marketplaces such as XBLA.

Contact Information

Name: Interactive Media Division
Phone: 213.821.4472