IMD Forum: John Underkoffler and Kate Hollenbach

September 7, 2011, 6-8pm

RZC 122

This seminar will feature a presentation and discussion of Oblong’s g- speak Spatial Operating Environment. This commercial platform is the functioning, real-world incarnation of the gestural computation technology first envisioned in the film Minority Report, which was itself also designed by Oblong. Today, g-speak is the basis of a growing collection of applications and products that are transforming work in fields including design, engineering, education, media production, financial services, logistics, bioinformatics, and aerospace. (IMD’s own g-speak system is being expanded and re- installed in the RZC’s new mocap volume).

Kate Hollenbach is a designer and programmer at Oblong; she joined the company from a background in data visualization, graphic design, and computer science at at MIT, RISD, Google, and IBM. She now leads the interface design for Mezzanine, Oblong’s turnkey product for shared- workspace collaboration.

John Underkoffler is Oblong’s co-founder and Chief Scientist. His earlier stints at the MIT Media Lab and as science & technology advisor to a variety of films involved design and implementation of radically new animation, visualization, and interaction techniques.

Contact Information

Name: Interactive Media Division
Phone: 213.821.4472