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Larry Auerbach

Associate Dean of Industry Relations
Larry Auerbach Endowed Chair

Affiliated Divisions:

Business of Cinematic Arts

Work Phone: (213)740-4432
Office: SCA 235

As Associate Dean of Student Industry Relations at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Larry Auerbach meets one-on-one with students looking to forge their careers in the entertainment industry. These visits are a rite of passage for aspiring writers, directors, animators, studio executives and agents at USC. With over 50 years working in the business, Auerbach offers the next generation a wealth of knowledge, heart and candor they won’t find anywhere else.

In 1992, Auerbach joined the USC School of Cinematic Arts as the executive director and Associate Dean of Student Industry Relations.   His office serves countless students who want to navigate and understand the first, critical steps into the entertainment industry, through counsel in resume writing, reviewing legal documents, interview and negotiating skills, as well as deal making.  Student Industry Relations hosts career fairs, networking opportunities and, under Auerbach’s guidance, established the First Look student film festival, which is now an interdivisional exhibition of student work.   Auerbach also created and oversees the Business of Entertainment MBA graduate certificate program, which is a joint effort between USC’s Marshall School of Business and the School of Cinematic Arts.  As a result of this program’s success, Auerbach was tasked to create a program for undergraduates called the Business of Cinematic Arts (BCA), which includes existing courses from the School of Cinematic Arts curriculum, in addition to new business courses.  This program consists of 24 units over four years and is taught by working, entertainment industry professionals.  As an esteemed member of the SCA family, Auerbach also holds the Larry Auerbach Endowed Chair.

Auerbach joined USC’s School of Cinematic Arts from the William Morris Agency, where he served as executive vice president and a member of the board of directors.  In the course of his 47-year career there, Auerbach distinguished himself in virtually every facet of the entertainment industry.  He began in television during its formative years, booking clients for guest spots – including Elvis Presley – before launching the agency’s rock music department, where he represented such leading artists as Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson and Aretha Franklin.

As the head of the agency’s New York motion picture division, Auerbach represented acclaimed filmmakers such as Bernardo Bertolucci and Norman Jewison, and was involved in negotiations that produced 25 motion pictures, including Last Tango in Paris and Oscar winner The French Connection.  In addition, Auerbach served as head of the television department in Los Angeles, negotiating multiple deals for Aaron Spelling and Alan Alda in M*A*S*H, also selling the critical and popular hit The Cosby Show to NBC.