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Frank Chindamo

Summer Program Faculty


Work Phone: 323-467-6868

Frank Chindamo is the Creator and Executive Producer of TV and WebTV show, "Upwardly Mobile: The Pursuit of App-iness" distributed by Revision3 Networks, who have over 1 billion views/month.  

Chindamo is also the co-author of the e-book “Internet Stardom: Insider Secrets to Web-Fame and Fortune.”

Frank is also President and Chief Creative Officer of Fun Little Movies (FLM).  FLM specializes in the development, production and distribution of original comedy videos for global distribution on mobile phones, the Internet and television.   Fun Little Movies was the first U.S. company to produce comedic films for mobile phones worldwide, and launched as a channel on Sprint TV in 2004.

FLM has been a cover story or featured in Forbes Magazine, the L.A. Times, the NY Times, USA Today, The NY Post, the BBC, Washington Post, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, AdAge, Mashable, CBS and Wired Magazine.
FLM has won over 30 awards. In Feb. 2009, they took the Grand Prize at Mobile Content World in Barcelona in the MoFilm awards, given by Kevin Spacey. They’ve also won CTIA's "World Smallest Film Festival" and two Golden Eagles at the American Cine’ Awards, as well as The Content Award at Cannes in 2008, over MTV and Orange. FLM was also a finalist at: The Cannes Film Festival for Best Short Film, the 2008 Mobile Content Award in London, the 2008 and 2009 Mobile Excellence Awards, and the 2006, 2007 and 2009 Mobile Entertainment Magazine Awards for Best Video. In 2009, FLM was nominated for the Mobile Entertainment Magazine Award for Best Video Producer, and was a finalist for two Mobile Excellence Awards, including the Company Star Award. In 2010, Chindamo produced a video for TED with Titanic and Avatar producer Jon Landau.

Fun Little Movies have aired on numerous TV networks worldwide including HBO, Showtime, CBS, PBS, Fox, MyNetworks, the BBC, CBC, Playboy, MTV and Comedy Central.
FLM specializes in Ad-vertainment. They produced Planet Green’s first ever animated comedy series Bea Wildered, and have produced comedic advertainment series for clients such as Best Buy, Walmart, Petco and People2People.

Frank Chindamo received his Film B.F.A. from N.Y.U. and his Screenwriting & Producing M.F.A. from Columbia University.  In 2007 year he was nominated by Ernst & Young for Entrepreneur of the Year.    He is currently an Adjunct Professor at USC and Chapman Universities. His students have included:

Freddie Wong, aka FreddieW, one of YouTube’s biggest stars with over 2 million fans;  Brian Firenzi and Michael Rousselet, Creators of the smash hit 5 Second Films, and Bernie Su, winner of 2 Streamy Awards for Compulsions.