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Tony Cucchiari, B.F.A.

Part-Time Lecturer

Affiliated Divisions:

Division of Film & Television Production
Summer Program

Work Phone: 213.740.3317

Tony Cucchiari's background as a musician, painter and still photographer has shaped his work as cinematographer in subtle and profound ways. Music has taught him to listen, painting to see and still photography to compose life within a frame. All good things to take to any set.

As Director of Photography, he's worked in feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and episodic TV. Cucchiari came up through the ranks and brings practical experience to the classroom.

Teaching at USC for Cucchiari, is being part of the amazing passion and exploration of cinema; where learning the art of story telling through the crafts of cinematography, sound, editing, writing and acting is raised to the highest level.

Cucchiari is a graduate of New York University's film and Television program.