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Danny Bilson

Part-Time Lecturer

Work Phone: 213.821.4472

As executive vice president, Core Games, for leading videogame publisher THQ Inc., Danny Bilson oversees production and marketing across THQ’s core gaming product portfolio, which includes action, shooter, strategy, racing and fighting games. Most recently, Bilson served as senior vice president of creative development for THQ.

Bilson has more than 20 years of writing, directing and creative development experience in all major entertainment media, including video games, film, television and comic books. Prior to joining THQ, he served as vice president of intellectual property development and creative director for Electronic Arts’ worldwide studios.

As writer, producer and director, his credits include the creation of The Sentinel (1996), Human Target (1992) and The Flash (1990) television series; The Rocketeer (1991) feature film; and the Trancers (1985) movie series. In addition, as vice president of Intellectual Property Development for Electronic Arts, Bilson provided creative direction for some of the most successful video games in the history of the industry including The Sims (as co-producer), Medal of Honor, James Bond, and the Harry Potter franchises, among others.

Bilson is currently developing new intellectual properties designed to cross from games to films and back again.