SCA Network members are making a difference in the lives of this generation and the ones to come through their generous support of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication.

We are proud to list these benefactors of the SCA Network. If you feel there is any error, please contact the SCA Office of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving.

List of Benefactors

John Carr '04
Kelley Chatman
David Checel '95
Joseph DeRose
Jay Douglas '05
Maximilian Feye
Deborah Gruber '86
Jacob Hankin
Julia Harter '15
Robert Heller '99
Gregg Helvey '09
Hans Hinebaugh
Thomas Huffman '05

James Kanter '79
Jacquelyn Kinkade-Silberberg '91
Jackson Lanzing '08
Adam Lipsius '07
Andrew Maron
William Mero '92
Michael Nardelli '06
Curt O'Brien '89
Rohit Padmakumar
Jason Phillips
Sean Phillips '77
Keshav Prasad
Ronald Quigley '83

Jeffrey Rousso '75
Samuel Sandweiss '15
Lynn Scerbak
Ben Shedd '73
Jeremy Sherlick '02
Dickson Silberberg '87
Claude Sitton '83
Marie Stein '01
Chuck Taylor '85
Christopher Tennant
Joyce Tyler '65
Ronald Underwood '74
Cynthia Villasenor

This information is valid through January 2017. If you feel there is any error, please contact the Office of Annual Giving.