Undergraduate Minor Requirements

A student attending USC may apply to Minor in Screenwriting if he or she has been admitted to regular standing to the university, has declared a major and is not under any type of departmental, academic or university probation. Students may apply if they are currently enrolled in or have completed CTWR 412 Introduction to Screenwriting. Students must contact the School of Cinematic Arts Division of Writing for Screen & Television at 213.740.3303 for an application and admission procedures. Students are admitted to the Minor in Screenwriting year-round.

Required Courses

The Minor in Screenwriting is a specialized course of study for students who desire a solid foundation in the craft of screenwriting. This 16-unit academic journey consists of two components:

  • Fundamentals (eight units)
  • Electives (eight units)

Total Units in the Minor (16)

Required Fundamentals and Feature Development Courses (8 Units)

Course Number Course Name Units
CTWR 412 Introduction to Screenwriting 2
CTWR 321 Introduction to Television Writing 2
CTWR 415A Advanced Writing (pre-req: CTWR 412) 2
CTWR 416 Motion Picture Script Analysis 2


Additional Electives (eight units)


Please note that not every course is offered every semester.

Course Number Course Name Units
CTWR 404 Foundations of Comedy 2
CTWR 410L Character Development and Storytelling for Games 4
CTWR 411 Television Script Analysis 2
CTWR 415B Advanced Writing (pre-req: CTWR 415A) 4
CTWR 417 Script Coverage and Story Analysis 2
CTWR 421 Writing the Hour-Long Dramatic Series (pre-req: CTWR 321) 2, max 4
CTWR 422 Creating the Dramatic Television Series 2, max 4
CTWR 430 The Writer in American Cinema and Television 2
CTWR 431 Screenwriters and Their Work 2, max 6
CTWR 433 Adaptations: Transferring Existing Work to the Screen 2
CTWR 434 Writing the Half-Hour Comedy Series (pre-req: CTWR 321) 2, max 6
CTWR 435 Writing for Film and Television Genres (pre-req: CTWR 415B) 2-4, max 8
CTWR 437 Writing the Original Situation Comedy Pilot (pre-req: CTWR 434) 4, max 8
CTWR 439 Writing the Original Dramatic Series Pilot (pre-req: CTWR 421) 4, max 8
CTWR 441 Writing Workshop in Creativity and Imagination 2
CTWR 453 Advanced Feature Rewriting (pre-req: CTWR 415B) 4
CTWR 459AB Entertainment Industry Seminar 2-2
CTWR 468 Screenwriting in Collaboration 4, max 8
CTWR 499 Special Topics 2-4, max 8