Minor in Science Visualization

The minor in science visualization offers an introduction to science visualization methodology and practice focused in an area of relevant research. The minor is structured to provide the skills and knowledge needed in science visualization and will culminate in a capstone project under the close supervision of faculty in both animation and science. The program requires 16 units.

Most students will enter the minor in science visualization program in their sophomore year at USC.

Application Procedures

A student enrolled on the undergraduate level at USC may apply to the minor in Science Visualization if he or she is in good standing and maintaining normal degree progress.

Students should apply after they have completed either CTAN 330 or CTAN 452 with a "B" or better in the course. A signature of support from the CTAN 330 or CTAN 452 professor is required. Applications and admission information can be obtained from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Animation and Digital Arts Office SCB 210 213-740-3986.

Science Visualization minor applications are reviewed by a panel of faculty members, with admissions made for the following fall semester only. A maximum of 12 students will be admitted per year.

Grade Point Average Requirement

A minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course is required. A grade of C- (1.7) or lower does not fulfill a minor requirement.

Course Requirements:

The following courses are to be taken in the prescribed sequential order, starting with either CTAN 330 or CTAN 452 and finishing with CTAN 423, the capstone class. Sixteen units of course work are required.

Course Number Course Name Units
CTAN 330 Animation Fundamentals or 2
CTAN 452 Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation 2
FASC 436 Art and Technology 4
Four units from the following list:*
Course Number Course Name Units
CTAN 432 The World of Visual Effects 2
CTAN 443L** 3-D Animation and Character Design 2
CTAN 450a Animation Theory and Techniques 2
CTAN 452 Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation 2
CTAN 455L Organic Modeling for Animation 2
CTAN 462 Visual Effects 2
CTAN 464L** Digital Lighting and Rendering 2
CTAN 465** Digital Effects Animation 2
IML 400 Creative Coding for the Web 4
IML 420 New Media for Social Change 4
IML 422 Information Visualization 4
IML 466 Digital Studies Symposium 4
*Junior or seniors with a 3.0 GPA in good standing may elect to take graduate courses CTAN 508 (2), CTAN 564 (2), and CTAN 565 (2).
Four units from the following list:*
Course Number Course Name Units
ANTH 300 Evolution, Ecology, and Culture 4
ANTH 406 Theory and Method in Biological Anthropology 4
ANTH 472 Visual Techniques in Anthropology: Stills 4
AHIS 373 History of Photography 4
AHIS 425 Interdisciplinary Studies in Classical Art and Archaeology: Research and Methodology 4
AHIS 429 Studies in Art, Science, and Technology 4
AHIS 477 Studies in Visual and Material Culture 4
BISC 307** General Physiology 4
BISC 419** Environmental Microbiology 4
BISC 427** The Global Environment 4
BISC 483** Geobiology and Astrobiology 4
ENGL 375 Science Fiction 4
GEOL 425L Data Analysis in the Earth and Environmental Sciences 4
GEOL 450L** Geosystems 4
PSYC 420** Animal Behavior 4
Two unit capstone course:
Course Number Course Name Units
CTAN 423 Principles of Digital Animation: Visualizing Science 2
**Prerequisite required.