Cinema-Television for the Health Professions

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

The Health Profession is increasingly cinematic. The Cinema-Television for Health Profession minor is designed for students who plan to enter careers or professional programs in medicine after graduation and are interested in working with film and television producers to disseminate accurate health information to the public.

Required Courses:

A total of 24 units is required.

Course Number Course Name Units
CTCS 190 Introduction to Cinema 4
HP 345 Health Issues in Entertainment Media 4
Two of The Following:
HP 370 Introduction to Epidemiology: Methods and Applications 4
HP 401 Cultural Competence in Medicine 4
HP 408 Environmental Health in the Community 4
HP 410 Issues in Prevention and Cessation of Drug Abuse 4
HP 420 Gender and Minority Health Issues 4
HP 421 Violence as a Public Health Issue 4
HP 422 AIDS in Society 4
Eight additional units from the following:
CTAN 451 History of Animation 2
CTCS 400 Non-Fiction Film and Television 4
CTPR 301 Creating the Non-Fiction Film 4
CTPR 375 Functions of a Director 4
CTPR 385 Colloquium: Motion Picture Production Techniques 4
CTPR 474 Television Documentary Production 4
CTWR 315x Filmwriting 3
CTWR 412 Introduction to Screenwriting 2
CTWR 416 Motion Picture Script Analysis 2-4