Game Entrepreneurism

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

A minor for students interested in building a business in the games and digital media industry. Building on the business, production and management courses in the Interactive Media Division, this minor culminates in our advanced game project course and provides students with hands-on mentorship in starting actual companies based on the work they are doing in these concurrent classes. The minor provides a basis in theories of design and production for games, as well as a strong grounding in the business knowledge necessary to become an entrepreneur.

To be eligible for the game entrepreneurism minor, a student must be in good academic standing and have a declared major. To declare the game entrepreneurism minor a student must get permission from the Interactive Media Division (SCA 222), and submit a Change of Major/Minor form to Cinematic Arts Student Affairs (SCB 105).

Required Courses:

A minimum of 23 units is required for the game entrepreneurism minor, including 2 lower division units, and a minimum of 17 upper division units.

Lower Division Core Units (2 Units)
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 101 Fundamentals of Procedural Media 2
Upper Division Core Units (17 - 18 Units)
Course Number Course Name Units
BAEP 450 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship or 4
BAEP 451 The Management of New Enterprise or 4
BUAD 301 Technical Entrepreneurship 3
BAEP 452 Feasibility Analysis** 4
CTIN 458 Business and Management of Games 2
CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop 4
CTIN 491 Advanced Game Project I 4
Electives (4 Additional Units)
Course Number Course Name Units
BAEP 423 The Management of Small Businesses 4
BAEP 460 Seminar in Entrepreneurship 2
BAEP 470 The Entrepreneurial Mindset -- Taking The Leap 2
CTIN 110 Statistical Analysis for Games: Storytelling with Numbers 4
CTIN 404 Usability Testing for Games 2
CTIN 405 Design and Technology for Mobile Experiences 2
CTIN 459 Game Industry Workshop** 4
CTIN 463 Anatomy of a Game 4
CTIN 482 Designing Online Multiplayer Game Environments 2
CTIN 486 Immersive Design Workshop 2
CTIN 493 Advanced Game Project II 2
CTIN 497ab Interactive Media Startup* 1-1

* CTIN 497a requires concurrent enrollment in CTIN 491.
**Prerequisite required.

Grade Point Average Requirements

A minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course is required. A grade of C- (1.7) or lower does not fulfill a minor requirement.