Game Audio

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

To implement audio into a game requires an understanding that audio forms one part of a game system or algorithm, and even composition must often be thought of in terms of programming-like logic. Game audio professionals must not only be competent in one area (e.g., expressly in music composing, or in audio recording), but in other areas of audio as well. This minor provides a grounding in Game Design and Systems Thinking, while providing a theoretical backing and skills in audio design and composition to prepare students to design successful audio for the games industry.

To be eligible for the game audio minor, a student must be in good academic standing and have a declared major. To declare the game audio minor a student must get permission from the Interactive Media Division (SCA 222) and submit a Change of Major/Minor form to Cinematic Arts Student Affairs (SCB 105).

Required Courses:

A minimum of 24 units is required for the game design minor, 6 lower-division units and a minimum of 16 upper-division units.

Lower Division Core Units (6 Units)
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 101 Fundamentals of Procedural Media 2
MUIN 277 Introduction to Music Technology 4
Upper Division Core Units (12 Units)
Course Number Course Name Units
CIN 406 Sound Design for Games 2
CTIN 444 Audio Expression 2
CTIN 488 Game Design Workshop 4
CTIN 491 Advanced Game Project I 4
Electives (Minimum 6 Additional Units, at least 4 Upper Division)
Course Number Course Name Units
CTIN 483 Introduction to Game Development 4
CTIN 484 Intermediate Game Development* 2
CTIN 486 Immersive Design Workshop 2
CTIN 489 Intermediate Game Design Workshop* 2
CTIN 492 Experimental Game Topics 4
CTIN 493 Advanced Game Project II** 2
CTPR 473 Directing the Composer 2
MUCO 221a Composition for Non Majors 2
MUEA 474a Electronic Synthesizer Techniques 2
MUIN 305 MIDI and Computer Music Production 4
MUIN 446a Computer Assisted Recording and Editing 2
MUIN 478 Advanced Multichannel Remix** 2
MUSC 310 Computer Recording for the Performing Musician 2
THTR 336 Introduction to Sound Design 3

* CTIN 484 and CTIN 489 must be taken concurrently, and require CTIN 483 and CTIN 488 as prerequisites.
**Prerequisite required.

Grade Point Average Requirements

A minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course is required. A grade of C- (1.7) or lower does not fulfill a minor requirement.