Digital Studies

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

The minor in digital studies explores the rich potential of digital media for critical analysis and creative discovery. Learning the exciting and dynamic potential of a broad array of tools and technologies, students create innovative projects, from photo essays to Web-based documentaries, from interactive videos to sophisticated Websites, and from typography in motion to 3-D visualizations. Elective courses explore media for social change, tangible computing, transmedia expression and more, allowing students to use media in pursuit of their own interests and to enhance their major.

All digital studies courses combine theory and practice in lab-based seminars featuring hands-on tutorials to support students in producing sophisticated media-rich work. Participants in this minor gain powerful skills useful in future endeavors within or beyond academia, where the ability to work effectively with media is a crucial job skill.

Further information:
Sonia Seetharaman, Academic Program Coordinator

Required Courses:

Introductory Course Work:
Course Number Course Name Units
IML 104 Introduction to Digital Studies AND 2
IML 140 Workshop in Multimedia Authoring, OR 2
IML 201 The Languages of Digital Media 4
Intermediate Course Work:
Course Number Course Name Units
IML 300 Reading and Writing the Web 2
Media Arts Electives   8
Digital Studies Electives   4
Advanced Course Work:
Course Number Course Name Units
IML 310 Professionalism for Media Arts 2

Total Units (minimum): 20

Media Arts Electives

Applicable courses include: IML 309, IML 340, IML 400, IML 404, IML 420, IML 450, IML 466, IML 475 and IML 499.

Digital Studies Electives

Applicable courses include: COMM 450, CTCS 400, REL 341 and SOCI 365. Other courses may be applicable; please see an adviser for approval.