Cinematic Arts

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

The minor in Cinematic Arts combines an introduction to this exciting and influential field with a diversified set of classes in critical studies, production, screenwriting, the entertainment industry, animation, and interactive media. The curriculum is purposely flexible; students may choose to sample different areas in their upper division courses or emphasize a single primary interest, such as production.

To be eligible for the Cinematic Arts minor, a student must be in good academic standing and have a declared major. To declare the Cinematic Arts minor a student must submit a Change of Major/Minor form to Cinematic Arts Student Services Office, SCB 105.

Required Courses:

A total of 20 units is required for the minor in Cinematic Arts, one 4-unit lower-division course and 16 upper-division units.

Lower-Division Requirement Units
Course Number Course Name Units
CTCS 190* Introduction to Cinema, or 4
CTCS 191 Introduction to Television and Video 4

*Gateway course

Upper-Division Requirement Units (16 Units)

Eight units from the following list:

Course Number Course Name Units
CTAN 450abc Animation Theory and Techniques 2-2-2
CTAN 451 History of Animation 2
CTAN 462 Visual Effects 2
CTCS 303 Japanese Anime 2
CTCS 411 Film, Television and Cultural Studies 4
CTCS 412 Gender, Sexuality and Media 4
CTCS 464 Film and/or Television Genres 4
CTCS 466 Theatrical Film Symposium 4
CTCS 467 Television Symposium 4
CTCS 469 Film and/or Television Style Analysis 4
CTIN 482 Designing Online Multiplayer Game Environments 2
CTPR 327 Motion Picture Camera 3
CTPR 335 Motion Picture Editing 3
CTPR 385 Colloquium: Motion Picture Production Techniques 4
CTPR 409 Practicum in Television Production 2,4
CTPR 460 Film Business Procedures and Distribution 2,4
CTPR 461 Managing Television Stations and Internet Media 2
CTPR 484 Advanced Multi-Camera Television Workshop 4
CTWR 411 Television Script Analysis 2
CTWR 412 Introduction to Screenwriting 2
CTWR 416 Motion Picture Script Analysis 2


Plus 8 additional upper-division units of Cinematic Arts electives.

Courses may be from the above list, or may be ANY 300 or 400 level course within the School of Cinematic Arts, provided the necessary pre-requisites and departmental clearances have been met.


Grade Point Average Requirements

A minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course is required. A grade of C- (1.7) or lower does not fulfill a minor requirement.