The Master of Fine Arts degree in Cinematic Arts, Film & Television Production

All students who complete the SCA graduate program in Film & Television Production receive the same degree: an M.F.A. in Cinematic Arts, Film & Television Production. All are introduced to the same crafts: producing, writing, directing, cinematography, editing and sound, and all learn that the test of any craft in a given project is whether it can make the project better.

The curriculum, which takes three years and requires at least 52 units, is designed to help students find their place in the media future. Each year has a perspective, from wide to narrow. In year one, each student is given a general introduction to media-making; all take the same courses and are required to practice all of the basic crafts. In year two, students specialize in their personal interests, taking crew positions on productions and electing craft seminars from several options. We advise developing skills in at least two crafts. Courses in film history and theory enhance the production experience.

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