December 7, 2017

Sundance 2018 Housing Option

Hello Fellow SCA Alumni,
Huge congratulations to anyone who has a project in the 2018 Sundance Film Festival! I look forward to watch your amazing films on the big screen and to connect with you all at the SCA party!
I also want to take a moment to share with you an exciting Sundance lodging option. For the first time I decided to host a condo and share with fellow indie filmmakers an affordable, convenient and fun place to stay while they explore one of the best independent film festivals in the world. We all know how costly it is to attend the festival, and my hope is to not let that stop young and talented filmmakers from the tremendous resources and networking events Sundance has to offer.
The condo, which I affectionately refer to as BALLAS ON A BUDGET, comes with the following perks:
• 10 min walk (6 blocks) to the heart of Main Street
• No need for shuttle = saves time; no need for Uber = saves $$
• Stones throw from free Sundance shuttle #21 (Theatre Loop) & #25 (Main Street/Headquarter/Eccles Express) stops
• Starting from $75/night, need I say more?
• Plenty of space for the price of staying in a hostel
• Sundance is tough. Let's face it - it's freezing, you don't get enough food, you don't get enough sleep, your beer only has 3.2% alcohol - the last thing you need is to go back to an overly-crowded room and sleep on the floor. This spacious 2,000 sqft condo fits 10 people like a champ, plus everyone gets his/her own bed!
• Did I mention there are 2 hot tubs in the courtyard?
• Washer/dryer on site
• Locked building - enter private garage with key code
• I am aiming to only share the place with friends or friends of friends, which means very likely you'll be staying with someone you know, who will share party information and navigate the festival with you!
If you are interested, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at and I will share more details with you. Once again congratulations and see you in Park City!

Contact Information

Name: Congyu E