October 17, 2017

Sun Cinematography Award

Deadline: Monday, November 27, 2017

Submissions are now being accepted for the Winter/Spring 2018 for the Sun Cinematography Award. The Sun Cinematography Award will be given for excellence in cinematography to a female student enrolled in the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts and acting as the director of photography on an advanced project*.
For the Winter/Spring 2018 recipient, the award will include:
  • $500 towards the Cinematography Budget on the Advanced Project for which the recipient is the DP
  • A semester-long mentorship with a working Cinematographer
  • A camera and/or lens package from Digital Bolex, if applicable**
  • A one year, non-voting, student membership to Women In Film.
  • A one year membership to the Friends of the ASC as well as an invitation to the ASC awards, if applicable**
  • Assistance from Kodak, if applicable**
  • The student must be female
  • The student must be currently enrolled in the USC School of Cinematic Arts graduate or undergraduate production program
  • The student must be the Cinematographer for an advanced USC project, to which this award will be attributed*
The award was founded in honor and memory of Charlene W. Sun (1974-2009), who graced the MFA Production Program with her talent and her love of life and cinematography. (Read more about Charlene at http://suncinematography.org/about/charlene-sun.)

Gender still proves to be a barrier for women in this field. The source of this barrier is unclear, as opportunities are expanding greatly. The principal goal of this award is help bridge this barrier with access to two things:
  • Greater access to the tools students need to produce a reel that showcases their talent
  • Access to a mentor who knows the path that the student is about to take
Application Procedures:
* The following projects are not eligible for consideration as “advanced projects” for this award: Coca-Cola, Sloan, 480, 546, 547, and any other course-based project for which the budget limit is set by USC curriculum.
** Each year, the specifics of the award are tailored to the individual recipient.
Contact Information

Name: Sun Cinematography Award Committee: http://suncinematography.org/contact

Contact Information

Name: Student Services
Email: studentservices@cinema.usc.edu