June 6, 2017

Fall 2017 Courses of Interest: Media Arts + Practice

The Division of Media Arts + Practice will be offering the follow courses during the Fall 2017 semester. Graduate and undergraduate students in all majors are encouraged to enroll.

IML 458 The Embedded Story: Designing Digital Landscapes and Languages (2 units)
Section 37449 | Wednesday | 10:00 am - 12:50 pm
Professor Pablo Frasconi
Please note: students may waive the course prerequisite with permission from the instructor. Please email Pablo Frasconi at pfrasconi@cinema.usc.edu.
Students will work collaboratively in a cross-platform environment to create media that explores the imagined territories where languages and landscapes originate, converge, and are transformed. All projects will incorporate world-building, immersive and trans-media, and game- theory.

IML 475 Designing Mixed Reality (MxR) Experiences (2 units)
Section 37452 | Wednesday | 1:00 - 3:50 pm
Professor Scott Fisher
Please note: to obtain D-clearance please email Scott Fisher at sfisher@cinema.usc.edu with a short summary of your academic background, existing technical skills, and what you hope to gain from taking the course.
This course explores the current state of Mixed Reality (MxR), its strengths, weaknesses, and possible trajectory in society. Topics to be covered include a history of AR, VR, and MxR; conceptual frameworks for MxR implementation; narrative vs. experience; the “language” of AR and MxR; and applications and implications. The class will also participate in various aspects of design, execution, and analysis of MxR applications in one of SCA's research labs. Emphasis will be on tearing apart current applications and pushing the boundaries of “what if?” from a design and experience standpoint. It is currently anticipated that the class will experiment with Hololens, Tango (Lenovo phablet), Occipital Bridge, and other technologies that are available  during the class.

IML 475 IMAX: The Art and Practice of Giant Screen Cinema (2 units)
Section 37452 | Tuesday | 7:00 - 8:50 pm
Professor Matt Scott
This course examines the creative, technical and exhibition realities of filmmaking for the Giant Screen with a focus on the IMAX “mission” documentary film. Students will examine many of the special challenges faced by IMAX filmmakers including shooting in space and other challenging locations. Each student will demonstrate their understanding of the material presented in class by creating a 60-90 second IMAX film and pitching a mission film. ?

IML 575: World Building and Applied Storytelling (4 units)
Section 37473 | Tuesday | 2:00 - 5:50 pm
Professors Trisha Williams and Joe Unger
Creating and building virtual worlds and prototyping potential reality is the defining workspace of the 4th industrial revolution. Founded, and pioneered through work in blockbuster film, the design practice of World Building is a holistic, collaborative, cross-discipline production method.  World Building practitioners Trisha Williams and Joseph Unger bring their expertise in games and mixed reality development to lead the lab in applying the lessons of earth in 2050 to the world around us today. Students should expect to gain an extensive knowledge of cross disciplinary collaboration; understand the application of fiction as a tool in discovering solutions and opportunities; experiment with the development of world building as a mixed reality workspace and evolve the skills needed to generate world building narrative and interaction.

Contact Information

Name: Sonia Seetharaman
Email: sseetharaman@cinema.usc.edu
Phone: 213.821.5700