June 1, 2017

Diversity and Inclusion Panels-- Industry Recommendations and Contacts Requested

Dear Faculty and Staff,


The SCA Council on Diversity and Inclusion would like to thank the SCA community for your suggestions and recommendations of possible panel participants for Towards Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Cinema and Media Studies. As we previously mentioned, this lab will be attached to all mandatory first-semester graduate courses and will introduce students to the history of representation of marginalized communities in the media, and the ways this history is practically applied in the industry today. Each class will focus on a specific theme that ranges from race, gender, nationality, sexuality, and ability. 


We are still in need of suggestions for possible panel participants that range experiential background, discipline, field, and profession. We are asking SCA faculty and staff to offer names AND contact information for industry professionals that have proven a dedication to inclusion (particularly around LGBTQ, women, ability, etc.) and would possibly be willing to participate in a panel discussion for our graduate students. This includes persons in writing, directing, acting, games, animation, media arts, development, producing, etc.


Please assist SCA in becoming the flagship institution for diversity and inclusion! If you have any questions or would like to offer your talents in other capacities please reach out to the Diversity and Inclusion Council at diversity@cinema.usc.edu.


Thank you for your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion!


In Service,

The SCA Council on Diversity and Inclusion

Contact Information

Name: SCA Council on Diversity and Inclusion
Email: diversity@cinema.usc.edu