April 17, 2017

2017 Global Exchange Workshop

May 23-July 7, 2017



May 22 - July 7, 2017   (CTPR515 18606D 2 units, 7 weeks)

The Global Exchange Workshop, founded by Professors Marsha Kinder and Mark Harris, and now in its tenth year, is an intensive documentary filmmaking workshop on the theme of “LA as a Global City.”

This summer, 8 MFA students from the Communications University of China in Beijing will fly to Los Angeles to collaborate with 8 USC students to work in pairs and create short documentaries.

Recent films from this course have won awards at: The 6th China Academy Awards of Documentary Film: “The Lost Tribe”;  the 2016 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival: “Go Gentle into the Good Night;” The Fujian Student Film Festival: “Alone With 5 Million Fans;” The 2nd Asia University Film Festival” in Pusan, South Korea, and the Gold Award of the 5th Shanghai University Student Film Competition: “The Unclaimed.”

USC course enrollment is by application.

The faculty will be Prof. Pablo Frasconi (USC), Prof. Hugo Zheng (CUC), and Prof. Zhu Chuanxin (CUC).



Contact Information

Name: Pablo Frasconi
Email: pfrasconi@cinema.usc.edu
Phone: 805-895-5943