February 6, 2017

Utopia Lobby

SCI Lobby, Weekdays at 4:00 pm

Every Weekday (Mon-Fri) @ 4:00 pm
SCI Lobby, School of Cinematic Arts

Utopia Lobby is a new space to formulate creative responses to our current moment. It will be a space for community, discussion, collaboration, learning, making, playing, screening, presenting, demonstrating, thinking.

Each weekday, someone will be present to steer that day’s session. There will be specific activities (presentations, workshops, invited speakers, topics) planned, but the actual shape of each session can be influenced or reconfigured by that day’s attendees.

No RSVPs are necessary – everyone is welcome to drop in whenever they can. The emphasis will be on emergence, rather than any rigid agenda or structure, and everyone should be open and attentive to a diversity of viewpoints, opinions and positions.

This week's sessions are:

  • Monday, March 20
    Knitting Bee led by Kiki Benzon
  • Tuesday, March 21
    Screening of Chantal Akerman's Saute Ma Ville led by Holly Willis
  • Wednesday, March 22
    Crowd Sourcing a Statement of Commitments led by Vicki Callahan
  • Thursday, March 23
  • Friday, March 24

If you have any questions or comments, or you would like to lead a session, please contact Holly Willis, Media Arts + Practice faculty chair, at hwillis@cinema.usc.edu.

Contact Information

Name: Holly Willis
Email: hwillis@cinema.usc.edu
Phone: 213.821.5700