October 12, 2012

New James Franco Directing Course!

Submission Deadline is October 24th!


In Spring 2013, actor James Franco is scheduled to teach a production class along with his business partner, Vince Jolivette.

Eight students -- selected during the fall 2012 semester -- will each direct a short film of approximately 10 minutes, based on the following premise:

‘The Labyrinth: a compendium of character-based original short stories, exploring the unknown, the unexplained and the unimaginable’.


-Graduate Production students MUST have completed CTPR 532 Intermediate Directing by the end of the Fall 2012 semester. 

-Undergraduate Production students must have completed CTPR 480 and one of these courses: CTPR 475, 476 or 477 by the end of the Spring 2012 semester.

-Non-production students may apply by submitting a directing reel AND be nominated by Everett Lewis, Directing Track Head of the Production Division.


Production students who wish to apply should follow the same process for submission to 546 or 480.

-Grad students should submit the same reel as they do for 546, plus an additional 2 DVD copies – i.e. if you are applying for ‘The Labyrinth’ as well, then you would submit 12 copies of your reel.

-Undergrad students should submit the same reel as they do for 480, plus an additional 2 DVD copies.

If you wish to submit alternate material for ‘The Labyrinth’, please send 2 copies of the additional reel.

-Non-production students who wish to apply, please contact John Watson  (class coordinator) or Stephen Gibler (the lead SA for 546).

-The reel should be no more than 10 minutes long.

-Please specify if you are a grad or undergrad.

-APPLICANTS MUST SPECIFY IF THEIR FIRST CHOICE IS FOR ‘THE LABYRINTH’.  If your first choice is for ‘The Labyrinth', but you are not among the 8 directors selected for the class, your reel will automatically be submitted for 546 or 480.

The deadline for submission of director reels is October 24th 11:30am in the designated basket in SCA 404(the Production mailroom).

NOTE: Class date/time is still to be determined. 

Any questions/concerns should be directed to John Watson (Jwatson23@mac.com) and Stephen Gibler (stephen.gibler@gmail.com)