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You are invited to First Frame at the DGA Theatre.
Friday, April 15th, 7:30pm, no reservations necessary.
The program consists of 23 original student animations.
Here are the details and clips:
Nice to Meeteor You (5:50) Thesis
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A lonely wind-up cat discovers a mystery box that may contain friendly creatures, and he has to find the right key to open it.
2016 ASIFA Annie Awards Nominee

Yizhou Li, MFA 2015

Nighthawk (7:57) Senior Project
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Obsessive detective Nighthawk chances upon an elusive serial killer one night, but the ensuing chase plunges the detective deeper into madness.

Once Upon a Star (2:45) Animation Design and Production
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When a star boy lands on an abandoned planet with his flower friend, they begin their journey to the core of the planet.

Self Portrait (5:27) Thesis
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A teenage girl afflicted with cancer learns to cope with her illness by relating with a friend.

Ivan Sayon, MFA 2015

Every Star (3:20) Production 1
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A mysterious boy from nature collects stars and sends them to every city child living in the foggy city.
Northwest Animators Showcase; Animex, Children's Film Festival, Sarasota, CHILEMONOS, Geneva International, Puchon International, Festimation, World Animation Celebration, Animation Sensation Film Fest.

Yawen Zheng, MFA 2016

Unfriended (10:14) Thesis
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On an isolated satellite in outer space, a guy named Kaboom is torn between virtual friends, real friends, and true friends.
Animation Block Party (Audience Award), Los Angeles Student Film Fest, ITSA Film Festival, Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival.

Josh Weisbrod, MFA 2015

Ampersand (3:11) Thesis
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A visual music journey through different orders of magnitude from the subatomic to the galactic.

2014 Sloan Science in Film Grant Recipient

2015 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semi-Finalist

Erin Shea, MFA 2015

A Broken One (6:00) Thesis
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Mills, a widower, fulfills his last wish with the help of a broken creature.
Los Angeles Shorts, Los Angeles CineFest, Orlando, Visionaria International, Roma Cinema DOC, IndiEarth Animation, Critical Edge,International Family.

Yifu Zhou, MFA 2015

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil (2:46) Animation Design and Production
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The choreography conveys the struggling of humanity.

Vacancy (8:22) Thesis
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An astronaut receives a mysterious signal that leads him into a place darker than his deepest fears.

In the Forest (3:44) Production 1
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A kid is lost in a dangerous forest.
Accolade Global Film Competition (Special Mention), Purbeck Shorts Competition (Best Animation), Anchorage International, Best Shorts Competition (Award of Merit), Mill Valley.

Xia Li, MFA 2016

The Wind (2:30) Production 1
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A man killed his lover because he found out that she is a monster.

Cry of the Fox (4:36) Thesis
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A boy tries to save a baby fox from two bullies who upset a threatening presence in the forest.,
2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (Grand Prize Winner), Cinequest

Jason Ronzani and Ning Xu, MFA 2015

The Long Now (3:20) Senior Project
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Through the unique medium of sand animation, this film explores the past, present, and future implications of timekeeping in how humans interact with the natural world and with each other.

Le Pain de L’Amour (1:47) Stop Motion Puppet and Set Design
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A homicidal baguette seeks revenge, and she is really on a roll with bread puns.

Waiting for the Boom (3:13) Sheila Sofian's Documentary Animation Production Class, Spring 2015'
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Ethan Bialick, a USC student interning in Tel Aviv, Israel, responds to a siren signaling a rocket strike while walking in a park.
Sheila Sofian's Documentary Animation Production class, Spring 2015:
Ethan Bialick, Adam Billingham, William Engels, Connor Kerrigan, Janet Le, Tyler Lewis, Devon Manney, Gracie May, Maria Raykova, Chantelle Sundeen
Ottawa International,DokLeipzig.

Sunicorn (2:45) Production 1
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A fisherman throws his unicorn friend to the moon to burn the moon into the sun.

The Twist (2:04) Animation Design and Production
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A looping, visual music piece about two lovers navigating the tangles and turns of a relationship.

Pokey Pokey (7:12) Thesis
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A father starts a journey to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing the filthiness of this crime-ridden city.
Cutout Fest, Corfu, Animasyros, Cine Golden Eagle Award, IndiEarth Animation, Kuala Lumpur Eco, Montecatini, Visionaria Fest, Spark Animation, Klik! Amsterdam.

Jinjie “Jake“ Zhang, MFA 2015

ill•usion (1:20) Intro to the Art of Animation
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The visions of a mentally ill patient.

El Coyote (7:09) Thesis
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Based on the true story of a “coyote“ – a human smuggler – who describes his process and mechanics of slipping through the Mexico–U.S. border.
Vimeo Staff Pick, San Francisco Documentary, Imagen Awards, 2015 ASIFA Annie Awards Nominee, NewPort Beach.

Javier Barboza, MFA 2013

Spherical (1:43) Animation Design and Production
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An experimental journey of a spherical egg.

Mothership Opera (7:17) Thesis
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Under the enslavement of the opera house prima donna, a lowly maid learns her past and destiny extend beyond confines of the theater.
International Black Film Festival (Best Animated Film), The Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival, Corfu, Qabila, ITSA Shorts, IndiEarth, Visionaria, L.A. Black Film Festival

Caress Reeves, MFA 2015

Projects on Display in the DGA Lobby:
Ricerca (11:37) Senior Project
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(Virtual reality documentation of 5 channel/5 screen/8 speaker installation)
In a cinematic installation experience, a bicyclist goes on a journey in search of lost time.
Discovery Scholarship Prize 2015

SXSW Film 2016

Yo–Yo Lin, BA 2015

VR Headset 2: Expanded Animation, MFA class of 2018

  • David Nessl, Sitting With Erotic Alien Puppets Made in After Effects and Exported in VR Because You Can Ignore Your Parents While Wearing the Headset, 0:25
  • Amir Arzanian, Sufi, 1:02
  • Ruchia Masuko, Nubo and Other Funny Friends, 0:15
  • Joseph Stucky, Rise and Fall, 0:20
  • Megan Simon, A Strange, But Safe Place, 0:25
  • Hyeon Jeong Cho, Sea of Conscience, 0:20
Eternal Return (4:08) (Documentation)
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Time is cyclical and we are caught in the present, forever experiencing this line with each revolution.

Evan Tedlock

No Reservations or RSVPs. Seating is first-come, first-serve.
Program begins at 7:30pm sharp at the DGA. There is ample parking in the lot under the building.

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