Members of this group work together to guide the school with their ideas, communicate to friends and alumni the needs of the school, and help find ways to reach the school's financial and academic goals, which include curricular and extra-curricular projects, as well as fundraising for division-based projects, general dean's fund, scholarships, equipment, diversity programs, and student-alumni mentorship programs.

John August, M.F.A. '94, Peter Stark Program

Writer/producer (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Nines)

Timothy Dowling, B.A. '96, Theatre

Writer (Role Models, Just Go With It)

Susan Downey, B.A. '95, Production

Producer (RocknRolla, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man 2)

Bob Ducsay, M.F.A. '86, Production

Producer/Editor (The Mummy, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

Robert Greenblatt, M.F.A. '87, Peter Stark Program

Chairman, NBC Entertainment

Ramses Ishak, B.A. '92, Annenberg

Agent, United Talent Agency

James Ishii, B.A. '76, Cinema

Entertainment Consultant

Leslie Iwerks, B.A. '93, Cinema

Writer/Producer/Director, (The Hand Behind the Mouse-The Ub Iwerks Story, The Pixar Story)

Polly Cohen Johnsen, M.F.A. '95, Peter Stark Program

Producer, Polymorphic pictures, (Cop Out)

Aaron Kaplan, B.S. '90, Marshall School

President and CEO, Kapital Entertainment

Tim Kring, Production

Writer/Producer (Heroes, Touch, Conspiracy for Good)

Michael Lehmann, M.F.A. '85, Cinema

Director (The Larry Sanders Show, Big Love, True Blood)

Laird Malamed, M.F.A. '94, Cinema

COO, Oculus VR, Inc.; Video Game and Education Media Consultant

Michelle Manning, B.A. '81, Production

Producer, MM Productions

Andrew Marlowe, M.F.A. '92, Writing

Writer/Producer (Air Force One, Hollow Man, End of Days, Castle)

Derek McLay, Marshall School/Cinema

Executive Vice-President Entertainment, Nielsen/NRG

Andrew Millstein, Anthropology/Cinema

General Manager, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Neal Moritz, M.F.A. '85, Peter Stark Program

Producer (The Fast and the Furious, XXX, Prison Break)

Robert Osher, Chair, B.A. '81, Cinema

President of Digital Production Division and Chief Operating Officer, Columbia Pictures Motion Picture Group

Shonda Rhimes, M.F.A. '94, Writing

Creator/Writer/Executive Producer (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice)

Jay Roach, M.F.A. '86, Production

Writer/Producer/Director (Meet the Parents series, Austin Powers series, Recount, Dinner With Schmucks)

Bruce Rosenblum, B.S. '79, Marshall School

President of Television and Digital Media, Legendary Entertainment

Gary Rydstrom, B.A. '81, Cinema

Sound Editor (Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, Jurassic Park) / Director, Pixar Animation Studios (Lifted)

Josh Schwartz, Writing

Creator/Writer/Executive Producer (The O.C., Gossip Girl, Chuck)

Peter Segal, B.A. '84, English

Director (The Longest Yard, 50 First Dates, Get Smart)

Stacey Sher, M.F.A. '85, Peter Stark Program

Producer (Erin Brockovich, Out of Sight, World Trade Center)

Jason Shuman, B.A. '96, Production

Producer (Darkness Falls, The Messengers)

John Singleton, B.A. '90, Writing

Writer/Producer/Director (Boyz 'N The Hood, Hustle & Flow, Four Brothers)

Scott Stone, B.A. '79, Production

Producer (The Mole, The Ride: Seven Days to End AIDS)

Tim Story, Production

Director (Barbershop, Fantastic Four, 4:Rise of the Silver Surfer)

Toper Taylor, B.A. '85, Public Relations

President and Chief Operating Officer, Cookie Jar Entertainment

Jennifer Todd, Marshall School

Producer (Memento, Austin Powers, Alice In Wonderland)

Randy Zisk, B.A. '81, Cinema

Director (Monk, Without A Trace, Prison Break)