Thank you for your interest in the Media Arts + Practice program within the School of Cinematic Arts! The program is devoted to exploring the potentials of scholarly expression, visual storytelling, data visualization and social media in diverse areas, including business, education, medicine, urban planning and law, areas in which the ability to use media to communicate effectively is increasingly essential. Students who emerge from this program understand how to communicate ideas in multiple media forms - still images, video, sound, web design and social media - and how to distribute these ideas in the most effective manner.

Admission to the Media Arts + Practice program does not require extensive previous experience creating media-rich projects. Instead, our faculty members are interested in students who are willing to explore new areas, invent new ways to communicate ideas, and work together to shape the future of human experience through media forms. Please use your written statements, image assignment and portfolio as an occasion to demonstrate a) your creativity and b) your ability to think critically and innovatively. Incomplete applications, or applications not submitted as requested, cannot be considered.

Each year, we strive to develop a well-balanced cohort of students for each of our programs. As such, we do not grant admission deferrals and we recommend that applicants apply for a future term when they are certain they can accept admission.

Application Overview

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The following items must be submitted to be considered for admission to the Media Arts + Practice B.A. program.

  • SCA Supplemental Application for Admission
  • SlideRoom Application:
    All supplemental materials must be submitted via SlideRoom.
    • Cinematic Arts Personal Statement
    • Video or Audio Sample
    • Short Answer Questions
    • Still Image Assignment
    • Process Description for Still Image
    • Curated Project List
    • Letters of Recommendation (3)
    • STARS Report

All matters relating to admission are the applicant's responsibility. Incomplete applications, or applications not submitted, will not be considered. If you have any questions about the application process, please email

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Admission: February 1

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All applicants wishing to be considered for admission must complete the following steps in the application process (where applicable):

Step 1: Submit the SCA Supplemental Application for Admission

To begin the application process, you must submit the online SCA Supplemental Application.

Step 2: Submit Supplemental Materials via the SlideRoom Application

As part of the application process, all students looking to be considered for admission to the Media Arts + Practice program are required to submit supplemental materials to support their application. These supplemental materials must be submitted via the SlideRoom Application. Please complete the SlideRoom application titled: "Media Arts + Practice: Current USC Transfer Applicants"

  1. Cinematic Arts Personal Statement: Please upload in PDF format under the "Forms" section
    The personal statement invites you to tell us who you are, what you're passionate about, and why you think the Media Arts + Practice program will help you reach your goals. The 300-word statement will be read by faculty members in the Media Arts + Practice program who want to work with students willing to push beyond the expected; students who are both critical and creative; and students interested in using media in powerful ways. With the understanding that the program does not presume any prior experience using media tools, tell us about yourself in 300 words.

  2. Audio or Video Statement: Please upload under the "Media" section
    Please create a one-minute video or audio recording that speaks to your goals as a student in the MA+P program. What particular areas interest you? Please upload a .mov, .m4v or .mp3 file.
  3. Short Answer Questions (please answer in a sentence or two) Please upload in PDF format under the "Forms" section
    • While the Media Arts + Practice program does not require previous experience in digital media authoring, many students enter the program with some basic authoring skills. If you have any relevant software, hardware, or programming knowledge, please describe below. (If you do not have any experience, please write “No prior experience.”)
    • What courses have you taken, either during high school or college, that have inspired you to pursue media arts as a profession? (These courses do not need to be media- or art-specific; if you were inspired by a literature, sociology, or engineering course, feel free to include this in your answer.)
  4. Still Image Assignment: Please upload in JPG format under the "Media" section
    Representation refers to the use of language and images to create meaning about the world around us. With this definition in mind, create an image that effectively communicates your thoughts or feelings about an issue relevant to you or your community. The image can include photographs, graphic components and text. You may use Pixlr or any other software application to help create the image. Please upload as a JPG file. Maximum size: 5 MB.

  5. Process Description for Still Image: Please upload in PDF format under the "Forms" section
    Referring to the image you created for the Still Image Assignment, write a 200-word reflection on the still image that you created, addressing both your creative process and your design choices. What did you create? How did you create it? And why did you make the choices you made?

  6. Curated Project List: Please upload in PDF format under the "Forms" section
    Using the sites below, curate a collection of three media projects that inspire you in some way related to images, interactivity, play, design, architecture, media art and/or culture. For each selection, include the direct link and a short paragraph highlighting what you admire about it. Think of this as a collection that tells us a little about who you are relative to Media Arts + Practice.
  7. Letters of Recommendation (One letter from an academic reference)
    Three letters of recommendation are required. All letters of recommendation must be submitted via the SlideRoom reference system. Applicants are responsible for requesting letters of recommendation as well as confirming that they have been received.

Step 3: Submit a Copy of Your STARS Report

Please submit a PDF copy of your STARS report via the "Forms" section of the SlideRoom application.