The John C. Hench Animation & Digital Arts Admission Committee reviews applications for originality, clarity, personal insight and artistic excellence. Considerable importance is placed on the Cinematic Arts personal statement, portfolio and letters of recommendation. There are no admission interviews. By limiting the evaluation to the items listed, the committee ensures that all applicants are judged by the same criteria.

Application Overview

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The following items must be submitted to be considered for admission to the Animation & Digital Arts BA program.

  • SCA Supplemental Application for Admission
  • SlideRoom Application: Cinematic Arts Supplemental Materials
    • All supplemental materials must be submitted via SlideRoom.
      • Cinematic Arts Personal Statement
      • Portfolio
      • Letters of Recommendation (3)
        • Submit all letters via the SlideRoom recommendation system.
  • STARS Report
    • Please submit via SlideRoom.

All matters relating to admission are the applicant's responsibility. Incomplete applications, or applications not submitted, will not be considered. If you have any questions about the application process, please email

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Admission to Animation BA Program: February 1
  • Fall Admission to Animation Minor: February 1

All applicants interested in the minor must first contact the Assistant Director for the Animation division, Daphne Sigismondi, for more information and application procedures. To learn more about the available minors and application processes, please contact Daphne Sigismondi at

Note to Transfer Applicants: Admission is granted on a space availability. There is no spring admission to this program.

View all Application Deadlines.

All applicants wishing to be considered for admission must complete the following steps in the application process (where applicable):

Step 1: Submit the SCA Supplemental Application for Admission

To begin the application process, you must submit the SCA Supplemental Application online.

Step 2: Submit Supplemental Materials via the SlideRoom Application

As part of the application process, all students looking to be considered for admission to the Animation & Digital Arts program are required to submit supplemental materials via the SlideRoom Application. Please complete the SlideRoom Application titled: "Animation and Digital Arts B.A. Program and/or Minor: Current USC Transfer Applicants”.

The following supplemental materials are required for admission consideration to the Animation & Digital Arts BA program:

  1. Cinematic Arts Personal Statement: please upload under the "Forms" section in PDF format

    The Cinematic Arts personal statement should reflect the applicant's individuality and explain why he or she would like to study Animation and Digital Arts at USC. The Animation Admission Committee will review this statement as a measure of the applicant's creativity, intelligence, self-awareness, determination and vision. The statement should be a page and a half, and it should give the committee a sense of the applicant's long-term goals and artistic ambitions.

  2. Portfolio: please upload under the "Media" section

    All portfolio materials must be placed in the "Media" tab of the SlideRoom application. The portfolio may consist of life drawing or painting examples, 2D organic and digital art work as well as traditional and/or 2D/3D digital animation, integrated live action or motion graphics work or any other samples that represent the applicant's aesthetic sense and capabilities. Please ensure that the portfolio is no longer than 15 minutes in length (12-15 still pieces). If submitting a joint project, please clarify your role in the production. It is required that a student submits his/her portfolio online via SlideRoom. Any materials that are sent by mail will not be considered.

  3. Letters of Recommendation (One letter must be an academic reference)

    Three letters of recommendation are required. All letters of recommendation must be submitted via the SlideRoom reference system. Applicants are responsible for requesting letters of recommendation as well as confirming that they have been received.

Step 3: Submit a Copy of Your STARS Report

Please submit a PDF copy of your STARS report under the "Forms" section of the SlideRoom application.